Damon K. Jones Biography

Damon K. Jones is the co-founder and Executive Director of Westchester Blacks in Law Enforcement for Community Uplift, a chapter of the National Black Police Association (NBPA).  He also serves as a national board member of the NBPA since his election in 2006 and Chair of the National Membership Committee.  With Mr. Jones’ leadership, Westchester Blacks in Law in Enforcement for Community Uplift have been strong advocates for the community helping to spearhead the Norwood E. Jackson Scholarship Fund, Save our Schools Mentoring Program, and How do you know your child’s in a Gang Seminars series. Mr. Jones has been a recipient of the Grand Council of Guardians Organizational Award, The NBPA North East Region Leadership Award, New York State Assembly Certificate of Merit, and a NYC City Council Citation for his hard work and dedication in building a better relationship with the communities of color and law enforcement in the New York Metropolitan Area


Mr. Jones has been an active resident of Westchester County for 38 years.  He graduated from Woodlands High School in 1986 and joined the Marine Corp Reserves, where he served until 1990.  During this time he also enrolled in the Westchester Business Institute.  In 1990, Mr. Jones joined the Westchester County Department of Corrections.  Since 1994, Mr. Jones has functioned in the role of Union Delegate for the Westchester County Correction Officers Benevolent Association (COBA). 


In 1992, he co-founded a chapter of the Correction Guardians in Westchester and in the same year was elected to serve as the Delegate for the Grand Council of Guardians.  In 1998, he was elected as President of the Westchester Guardian’s Association.


Mr. Jones has one son 20-year-old who currently attends Morgan State University in Maryland.





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